10 ways to improve your skin health

Skin analysis

Winter can be a really tough on your skin, but our Winter skin care tips can help you protect it from the cold of the season.

1. Wear SPF throughout the year

It’s easy to assume that just because it isn’t warm, you don’t need to use a product with SPF in it. But UVA rays are constantly present, no matter the season or the weather and these are the ones that cause the skin to age because they are able to penetrate much deeper into the surface of the skin, damaging the cells beneath. Wearing SPF is particularly important on your face.

2. Drink lots of water

Aim for 2-3 litres a day to ensure it penetrates your skin

3. Ditch the cigarettes

Smoking can cause early wrinkles, and it accelerates the overall aging of the skin. It also causes wrinkles by narrowing blood vessels in the outer layers of skin, which can cause less blood flow and reduce the amount of oxygen and nutrients that are able to get to the skin

4. Use the right products for your skin

Avoid products that aren’t intended for your skin, such as toothpaste

5. Be aware of things that can damage skin

Parabens and chemicals in products which might harm your skin

6. Ditch the make-up wipes

They can leave a residue on the skin which can block pores causing spots

7. Be patient

Don’t pick that spot or dry skin, it will only result in scarring or infection

8. Give new treatments a chance

It can take up to 4 weeks for them to work but once they do, they’ll help in the long run

9. Turn down the temperature

Boiling hot showers may feel great, but they’re ruining your skin. Luke warm water is, unfortunately, far better for maintaining healthy, glowing skin

10. Visit your local LloydsPharmacy and have a skin analysis test

Your skin changes all the time, so what worked wonders last year won’t necessarily be helping it now.