Planning your travel vaccinations for your destination

Between booking flights, sorting out your accommodation and planning the exciting things you want to do, there’s a lot that goes into a holiday. When you’re planning your holiday it’s important not to forget about your travel health.

Depending on where you are going you might need to think about travel vaccinations, but how do you know what vaccinations you need, where to get them and when you need them? We’ve answered all you need to know about travel vaccinations.

What travel vaccinations do I need?

The vaccinations you need depended on a couple of things, including your medical history, where you are going and what activities you’ll be doing. As a first step, use our travel vaccination checker to get an idea. Simply add in where you are going and when and it will give you an idea of what vaccinations are recommended and what you should consider.

Then, book a consultation with one of our expert MASTA travel nurses who will go through all your details and will put together a travel health brief for you.

Are travel vaccinations compulsory?

There are some countries that require you to have certain vaccinations, for example polio or yellow fever. But, even if this isn’t needed it’s still important to get the recommended vaccinations to protect yourself from infections.

Where can I get vaccinations?

You can get your travel vaccinations at selected LloydsPharmacy stores and MASTA travel clinics. Click here to find your nearest store offering travel vaccinations.

When should I think about the travel vaccinations I need?

The NHS recommends to start thinking about your vaccinations at least 8 weeks before you go, this allows your body the time it needs to develop the immunity it needs. There are also some vaccinations that have a number of doses spread over several weeks or months.

But, if you’re travelling last minute, it’s still worth speaking to one of our expert MASTA nurses as they can give you advice on looking after your health on holiday and potentially some vaccinations.

For more information about looking after your travel health, including products to take with you when you go come in store and speak to a member of our healthcare team. Find your nearest store now.