Two children looking for insects outside in the garden with a magnifying glass

Keeping your kids occupied can be a challenge and now that it’s the summer holidays it can be even trickier.

Here are our ideas for indoor and outdoor activities than can keep kids active, relieve any boredom plus help them stay healthy!

3 Ways to Keep Kids Active:

Schedule Your Activity Time:

Having some structure to your day can help keep children motivated, so draw up a plan of the activities you’ll do on each day and when you’ll do them. You may want to try copying a typical schoolday routine, such as having shorter breaks for exercise mid-morning and mid-afternoon, and a longer break at lunchtime.

You could try making an activity chart for the entire holiday and encourage your children to add their suggestions.

Activities Inspiration:

There are more ideas for indoor and outdoor games and activities for children of all ages, including Disney and Pixar-inspired 10-minute shake-up games at 

Make Exercise Fun

There’s no better way to keep your children motivated than getting them involved in activities they’ll enjoy. Ask them which activities they find the most fun, plus have a go at some new activities you haven’t tried before. You could organise a back garden treasure hunt, or if you have to stay in have an indoor sports day and invent your own versions of the sack race and egg and spoon race.

Limit Screen Time

Many children love having more time to play computer games and watch TV. But sitting in front of a screen isn’t good for their health. While it’s fine for them to spend time using digital devices, try to put a limit on how long they spend doing so. If they like video games, for example, try giving them other options such as brain teasers or board games.

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