With expert advice on treatments that are right for you, we can help you get out and about whatever the pollen count. From tablets and eye drops to nasal sprays and allergy creams, there are a range of options to choose from. Don’t forget, sometimes you may need more than one treatment to manage multiple symptoms, for example eye drops and a nasal spray!

Our top allergy relief treatments:

Allergy tablets

7450117 hayfever tablets small

LloydsPharmacy Allergy and Hayfever Relief 10mg Tablets
For effective relief from allergies, including hayfever, dust and pet allergies and hives (swollen, red itchy skin).

LLP689K Allergy Relief 4mg x28 small

LloydsPharmacy Allergy Relief 4mg Tablets
Pharmacy strength medicine for effective relief from hayfever, food and skin allergies, insect bites, chicken pox rash and prickly heat.

Nasal Relief


LLP770R Hayfever Reliefsmall

LloydsPharmacy Hayfever Relief Nasal Spray 3
Pharmacy strength medicine for effective relief from hayfever providing 200 doses.

LLP625C allergy reliever small

LloydsPharmacy Allergy Reliever 4
A three minute treatment that uses red light therapy to suppress and reduce the symptoms associated with hayfever and allergic rhinitis, such as a runny nose and watery eyes.

Cream6021380antihistamines medium

LloydsPharmacy Antihistamine Cream 25g 5
Pharmacy strength medicine for effective relief from itching and skin allergies, including stings and bites, and nettle rashes.




7001080 hayfever relief eye drops 10ml small

LloydsPharmacy Hayfever Relief 2% w/v Eye Drops 6
For the relief and treatment of eye symptoms from hayfever, including itching, redness, soreness and watering eyes.