With warmer weather on the way, you may be looking forward to the end of the cooler season.



75% of those with asthma state that winter weather is a trigger for symptoms to worsen, but with spring and summer comes hay fever.



It’s now widely known by experts that asthma and hay fever are related; about 70% of those with asthma also have an allergy and one of the most common allergies is hay fever.

Exposure to pollen, like the winter weather, can irritate the lungs and cause asthma symptoms to worsen. For some, the hay fever season is the only time that they experience asthma symptoms.

Reports released over the past few years have also shown that having hay fever can triple your risk of later developing asthma.

people with hay fever admitted to hospital with asthma like symptoms each year.

These reposts are backed by Asthma UK who has urged people to better manage their hay fever, particularly those with moderate to severe hay fever, to avoid asthma related admissions to the emergency services.

If you have asthma, hay fever or a combination of both, pop in and see your nearest LloydsPharmacy for expert advice on how to manage and treat both conditions, and while you’re there, ask about our FREE Respiratory Support Service.


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