Whether it’s warm or a little nippy outside, if you’re an avid gardener it’s unlikely that the low temperatures will deter you from getting outside, whether to prep your allotment in time for spring or for a general tidy-up.

If you’re planning on getting back into your garden it’s worthwhile taking extra care with your back. There are certain movements as a result of gardening that can take its toll on those muscles.

Top tips

We have compiled six simple tips for pain free gardening to ensure that you can enjoy the fresh air while protecting your back.

Starting out

Simple stretching exercises or a short walk will warm up and loosen up your joints muscles. Start by spending just a short amount of time on your garden at first and gradually build it back up as the weather warms.


Dig down as opposed to out in front of you. Bend your knees when lifting soil and debris and try not to move too much at once.


Keep your back straight and reduce twisting movements by pulling the rake towards you.


Stretch out your back regularly and place a cushion under your knees when kneeling. Raised beds can help if you struggle with bending.


Make use of your wheelbarrow for heavier items and always lift items bending from the knees, keeping your back straight.


Remember to take short regular breaks to stretch and rest your back.


If gardening has caused you back pain and you’re struggling to manage this, pop into your local LloydsPharmacy for treatment advice. If pain persists, the Pharmacist may advise our FREE Pain Management Service.