What made you want to be a pharmacist? How long have you been a pharmacist?

I initially wanted to become a pharmacist because I wanted to help people. I quickly found out that I loved helping customers and the job really suited me and I take pride in giving them the best care I can. I trained and worked as a pharmacist for five years in Italy before moving to London three years ago. After my move I had to do my exams and documents again, as well as learning the different laws in the UK.

What was the best part of your job?

The best part of being a pharmacist is helping customers. I feel really satisfied knowing that I have made them feel better, or given them the advice and support they needed. Seeing them come back in because they know they can trust your advice is the best feeling.

What is the one thing that you wish customers knew they could access in their local pharmacy?

 Most customers don’t know that they can get a medication review in their pharmacy; they think they have to go to their GP. You can get the same service, without having to wait for a GP appointment, within just a few minutes in your pharmacy.

Can you give me any examples of when you’ve gone above and beyond for a customer?

There was a time when an item was out of stock in our pharmacy, the patient couldn’t take any other brand and she was going on holiday the next day so needed them immediately. To try and locate the item I made lots of telephone calls, but couldn’t get any. The way I worked around it was by phoning the patient’s surgery to get the prescription changed to a higher strength we had in stock, and then organised the new item to be delivered to them.

Do you have a particular area of interest within pharmacy?

My main interest is with the clinical element of pharmacy, I enjoy going to workshops and gaining knowledge of things we can offer in our pharmacy. Recently I went to a De-fib workshop. It’s great to be able to give extra services or advice to customers.

What is your favourite product you can buy in your LloydsPharmacy?

It’s got to be perfume. Every time there is a deal I have to buy it, I’m obsessed!

What sort of customers do you particularly enjoy helping?

I like to help any customers that need my help, particularly when I can make a real difference to their lives. For example, helping with delivery to our customers who can’t get out of their homes to collect it.

What is your top health tip?

Prevention is always the best, whether that’s through lifestyle advice such as diet or exercise they can try, or education. It’s better to prevent a condition than to treat it.

What is the most common health question you get asked?

I get asked a lot about skin conditions or reactions, for example if a customer has a reaction what it could be. Also most people want to talk to a pharmacist to make sure what they are taking is the right medication for them.