We’re proud to partner with Unforgettable to offer products, services and advice to help people living with memory loss and dementia, and those that care for them.

Founded by James Ashwell, Unforgettable works with inventors, researchers, care homes and therapists to find innovative solutions that ease everyday routine tasks.

“While caring for my mum who had early-onset dementia, I discovered that life-changing products and services existed, but they weren’t easy to find. That’s why we set up Unforgettable; to help make these products readily available, and in turn make people’s everyday lives easier” says James.

Their innovative products include everything from a simple music player to easy eating dinner kits. All of the products help those living with dementia do the things we take for granted. Find out more below.

Products in detail

familyguide to dementia

A Family Guide to Dementia

If you’re caring for a loved one with dementia, this guide is for you. It offers practical advice and ideas from people who’ve experienced caring for someone with dementia and ways to cope with every aspect of daily life.

Help remembering

We all forget things occasionally, but for people living with dementia, it can be constant. Memories from long ago may be vivid, but present day can seem a blur because the brain doesn’t store new information as well as it used to. Unforgettable have a wide range of products to help prompt and jog the memory, including day clocks, simple music players and activities.

Unforgettable_Image 1_CMYK Cutout small

2-in-1 Calendar & Day Clock

This simple clock can adapt to your needs. Clear and easy to see, choose to display either the exact time with date and day, or simplify it just to the day and time of day (morning, afternoon, evening and night).


Simple Music Player - Red - 2_CMYKsmall

Simple Music Player

Whether it’s music to sing along to, or TV to lose yourself in, everyone needs distractions. Unforgettable has a range of easy-to-use electronic devices that focus on simplicity rather than high-tech know-how to entertain without bringing frustration. It really is simple. Lift to play. Press to skip. Close to stop. You can also add up to 1000 of your own songs so you can listen to what you want to.


Keep minds active

Regular activities such as a crossword can keep the mind active, but for people living with dementia can find them too much. Different activities can spark memories, conversation and sometimes nostalgia and keep the mind active and engaged and them happy.

aqua painting_CMYKsmall

Aquapaint Sets

Unleash the inner artist no. These reusable painting sheets provide the enjoyment and satisfaction of creating a piece of artwork using just water with mess.



Jigsaw - Seaside-nostalgia-front_CMYK small

13 and 35 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles

Carefully designed and selected to be engaging, fun and easy to use for adults. Vibrant images can inspire joy and trigger memories and conversation.

Calm everything down

When it comes to dementia, soothing rituals help relaxation. These products can be comforting at tricky times of day, or when stressful situations arise.


Shining Star Cube with Soothing Sounds

Loved for its simplicity and effectiveness. The choice of calming sounds and beautiful spectrum of coloured lights help with sundowning and soothe restlessness.

Keep safe

Getting lost can be a concern for everyone. Often people with dementia set off with real purpose, but then lose track. All kinds of things trigger this, such as stress, noise, boredom, or just forgetting the way.



Yepzon_locator small

Yepzon Super Simple GPS Tracker

You’ll always know where your loved one is, thanks to this simple tracker. You download an app on your smart phone, they wear the tag and their location syncs with your phone. The device has a battery that lasts a week, it can’t be turned off accidentally and it’s waterproof and knock-proof.