Looking for a way to reduce scars or stretch marks? Whether you have stretch marks from pregnancy or exercise or you have scars from an operation, trying to reduce their appearance can be tough.



Introducing LloydsPharmacy’s NEW & EXCLUSIVE Body Care Oil which has been exclusively developed and dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.

Body Care Oil has been formulated with a blend of natural oils known to help the skin increase its elasticity to prevent the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

Key Ingredients 

Containing sweet almond oil and Argan oil to help rehydrate the skin, these natural oils restore the skin’s elasticity and suppleness making the product ideal for dry skin. Body Care Oil also contains the patented Hydra Matrix™ hydrating complex to increase hydration levels of your skin.


Who can use Body Care Oil?

  • Ideal for use during rapid changes in body weight or growth spurts.
  • Anti-oxidant ingredients make the product ideal for use on ageing and dry skin and help to prevent an uneven skin tone.
  • Apply to skin after bathing, showering or swimming to help hydrate your skin.