Over 18 years of developing products that are made for you

Ever wondered what goes into producing a LloydsPharmacy product? We caught up with Own Brand Expert Karen Shead to find out exactly why you should choose LloydsPharmacy for your healthcare needs.


Why does LloydsPharmacy provide own brand products?

We want to offer customers a quality alternative to branded products, whether it’s a basic pack of paracetamol or a blood pressure monitor, our own brand products support customers with their everyday health needs. We believe it’s our job to develop healthcare products that can improve people’s health and wellbeing as a more affordable alternative.

What categories do LloydsPharmacy have own branded products?

We have over 250 products in our own brand range across numerous categories. We aim to have own brand products available in all health and wellbeing categories to ensure we meet our customer’s needs. Our products range from blood pressure monitors and TENS machines through to skincare products and mobility aids.

LloydsPharmacy products

How do you source new products?

We start by looking at what we can do to fulfill a customer need. This can be through sourcing customer research or we often get approached by suppliers with products that are performing well in other markets. We regularly attend trade shows to find the latest trends in healthcare.

Tell us about the testing that own brand products go through?

To ensure the best possible quality for all our products we ensure that they go through rigorous testing. Not only do we ensure products go through the regulatory testing requirements to prove efficacy and claim substantiation, we also invest in our own testing above and beyond what is required to ensure we are happy with the quality of the products before we bring them to market. Our testing predominantly consists of consumer trials along with user testing to create customer manuals for our products.

We’ll only ever launch a product that we feel meets the necessary quality standards. The quality of our products underpins everything we do and our moto is we would never sell a product that we wouldn’t use ourselves.


How do you ensure your own brand products are innovative in the market?

We were the first to launch an own brand blood pressure monitor more than 10 years ago for just £9.99. At that time blood pressure monitors were being sold for around £60. It was our belief that this product should be more affordable for those who really wanted to take control of their health.

We want to continue to lead the way in the healthcare market and bring innovative healthcare solutions to our customers. We are always on the lookout for new products that are right for our customers and take expertise from a number of innovation companies to ensure we source the best products and latest trends.

What makes a great own brand product?

A great LloydsPharmacy product is one that helps improve our customer’s lives. Whether that’s a blood pressure monitor that helps a customer monitor their health or a mobility scooter that allows a customer to live an independent life, our products can make a big difference.

I remember one lady who purchased one of our allergy relievers and described how it had changed her life. She had been living with severe allergies which meant she often couldn’t leave her home and said she felt like a prisoner in her own home.  Once she started using the allergy reliever she said her symptoms drastically improved and she was now able to go outdoors. She felt as though the product had given her life back.

What are LloydsPharmacy’s bestselling own brand products?

Our own brand products are becoming increasing popular with our customers. The categories that do particularly well include pain products, children’s medicines, our Blood Pressure monitor and medicated skincare.

What is the difference between LloydsPharmacy and branded products?

When developing own brand products we always try to ensure that we offer our customers something that is equivalent to the branded version. We want customers to know and believe that our products are as good as if not better than the branded product.

The real difference between a LloydsPharmacy product and a branded product is the added value you get when shopping at LloydsPharmacy. We know customers trust our brand and we want to live up to that expectation. We will always do what is right for you. We also want to ensure everyone has access to affordable healthcare products by ensuring our products are great value for money.


What is the future for LloydsPharmacy own brand products/range?

We want to continue to grow our own brand product range and bring solutions to customers that will help them live a more positive life. We are committed to finding product solutions in areas that we know most affect our customers.

We are seeing a big trend at moment in people pro-actively managing their health and this is an area we feel we could support our customers by providing more products in this area.

We have some exciting new products coming to a store near you soon…watch this space!