Lloydspharmacy was distressed to learn that the Hickling’s have received nuisance calls from a number which purports to be from our headquarters in Coventry.

We have initiated a full investigation into this matter. We have checked all outbound calls from our headquarters on the days when the abusive calls were made and there is no record of any calls to the Hickling’s telephone number. We have contacted the police and our telephone service provider to seek their assistance with this matter. The investigation is on-going. We are determined to get to the bottom of this incident.

We will, of course, provide whatever support we can to the Hicklings to resolve this matter.

Jo Darby
Social Media Manager

UPDATE: 08/11/2013

Following a full investigation into the nuisance calls made to the Hicklings, Yorkshire Police and BT have checked the dates/times of calls to the Hicklings and confirmed that the nuisance calls did not originate from the headquarters of Lloydspharmacy and therefore Lloydspharmacy is not involved in their on-going enquiries.