Last August, we launched a competition to celebrate the great service our colleagues offer every day. Pharmacy colleagues were nominated by you, our customers and patients, for going ‘above and beyond’ as part of the ‘Perfect Experience’ competition.

Amongst the winners were dispenser Chloe Ridley from our Burntwood store and Terrie Edmonds from our Bell Green store.

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Chloe was nominated by customer Denise Perry for the ongoing support she provided following her father’s diagnosis of dementia and epilepsy four years previously.

Denise told us that Chloe had been a lifeline to the family over recent years. Chloe helped her make arrangements such as having her father’s prescription delivered to her home, to release some of the strain on her time.

“There were so many things to think about when my father was first diagnosed that I felt out of my depth and confused. There is an attitude amongst the staff in the Burntwood LloydsPharmacy that nothing is too much trouble and I have found it a huge help with supporting my father during tough times. We shouldn’t underestimate the power of our local pharmacy.

“I couldn’t think of a worthier winner; Chloe is just brilliant. She organised everything to make life as easy as possible for my mum and I to manage. There has been many occasions when Chloe has sorted things out at the last minute and arranged for necessary products to be delivered to us when we have run out of or forgot to order.

“We really needed somebody to take control of that side of things to take the pressure off what is a stressful and emotional illness.”

Chloe firmly believes that the pharmacy is a central part of the community and says that her colleagues aim to make customers feel like it is somewhere they can feel supported:

I’m thrilled to have been recognised for the work we do at our local LloydsPharmacy as it shows that we are benefitting our customers. We have set Denise up with some of the services we offer and our excellent relationships with the local GPs have helped her recently, when she needed an emergency prescription and the surgery was shut.

“It is a rewarding job and I often leave at the end of the day feeling like I have made a difference to local people in the community.”

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Terrie won the prize after being nominated by customer Morag for the comfort and support she offered when Morag’s husband was diagnosed with early onset dementia.

Morag, who usually visits the pharmacy every week, said: I first started going to the shop and she helped me in a number of ways, from setting up my prescription to be delivered to my house, which was a godsend, to simply being there for advice, support or even just a hug. If I saw or heard of anything that would help my husband she would do her upmost to try and get it for me.

“If she hasn’t seen me in a little while, she will give me a ring to see if I’m alright and if the usual delivery man isn’t able to bring my prescription to me, she does so herself after work. If I’m not well she offers to pick me up something for dinner… She doesn’t just treat her job as a job; she treats it with care for people who need her help and I am very grateful for the work Terrie does.”

Terrie has worked at LloydsPharmacy for 18 years was really pleased to have been nominated by Morag and to know that she has made a difference to her life:

“We have always clicked and she is such a wonderful person to have in the shop. She is a very caring woman who always checks in on us all when she pops by. She has also been a great support to me as well – once she spotted my niece upset, outside the shop when my mother was sick and she comforted her. She is a carer to a lot of people herself and looks out for everybody as much as she can.