Pregnancy can be a worrying time, with morning sickness, hormones and preparing for a new part of your family. Having asthma while you’re pregnant may make you worry more, especially because it’s hard to predict how being pregnant will affect your asthma as it’s different for every woman.

That’s why we’ve put together our guide on how to manage pregnancy and asthma.


Pregnancy and asthma:

According to NHS Choices pregnancy is not likely to bring on asthma if you didn’t previously have it. They also state that around 1/3 of pregnant women will see an improvement with their asthma, 1/3 will see no change and 1/3 of women find that their asthma worsens during pregnancy. Also, nasal congestion and hay fever can get worse for some while they’re pregnant.

If you notice that your asthma, or hay fever, is getting worse, get in touch with your GP, asthma nurse or pharmacist as they can support you. As well as telling you what medicines you can take they can also talk you through all the things you can do to stay well with your asthma while pregnant.

Asthma treatments:

The NHS Choices advice for asthma treatments is to continue to take your prescribed asthma treatments throughout your pregnancy, unless your GP or asthma nurse has advised otherwise. Unless your symptoms worsen, your treatment should be able to remain the same as before.

Throughout your pregnancy you will be supported by your midwife but your usual GP or asthma nurse will continue to manage your asthma care.

Managing your asthma:

While you can carry on living your life normally, such as exercising or working, NHS Choices has some tips on how you can prevent your asthma from getting worse during your pregnancy:

  1. Avoid smoking – if you need advice on how to quit, why not talk to your pharmacist about our FREE Stop Smoking Service
  2. Avoid allergic triggers such as pet fur
  3. Control your hay fever with antihistamines, talk to your pharmacist or doctor about which antihistamines are best for you to take
  4. Try to avoid hay fever triggers, here’s a useful guide to what pollen is around and when

For more information about asthma and pregnancy try AsthmaUK’s guide to pregnancy.

Asthma UK provides advice and guidance to people with the asthma through its website and nurse-staffed telephone helpline. It also funds research into a cure for asthma. Visit or call 0300 222 5800 (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm).

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