“Diets? You name it, I think I’ve tried them all! But none of them have worked for me like myDNA”

Read how Nina changed her eating habits, improved her health and lost 1.5 stone with the help of myDNA.

Over the years, Nina from East London has tried various diets with little success rate. When an MOT health check at her doctors showed high blood sugar level readings in line with being at risk of type 2 diabetes, she realised it was time to find a diet that worked, for good. This is where myDNA came in.

Diabetes and high blood pressure run in my family so I’m genetically predisposed to it. It became obvious that if I didn’t do something about my weight, I was going to be at risk of future health conditions which really worried me. So I wanted to take the bull by the horn and finally do something about it. It was time to make a change.”

“In terms of diets I’ve tried before – well I think I’ve tried them all, you name it! I’ve tried everything from shake based diets through to counting points but none of them have worked for me.

 The myDNA test was really easy to use with a simple cheek swab and, following that, I received my results. They were simple to understand and, after two months, I lost just under a stone and a half.

 The report showed me exactly what I needed to look out for according to my genes. It showed that I was indeed prone to putting on weight and suggested I switch from my previously high carb diet to a protein rich diet. It’s so great that myDNA is personalised to you so it helped me to retrain my mind. The diet I’ve been given isn’t generic so it’s encouraging to know that it has been specifically designed for you. It’s what my genes are telling me!

 I now feel much better within myself and my health has started to improve too so I have more energy which is great. I’m definitely going to keep up prepping my meals and sticking to a high protein diet.

Before myDNA I used to eat a lot of rice, pasta and I have a really sweet tooth so I would always snack on sweets. I would never prepare food for work so in my lunch I would just grab something quick and easy from the closest shop. Following the report, which came with recipe options, I introduced more things like grains, meats and vegetables into my diet.

 I also learnt about portion control – I used to have much bigger portions whereas the myDNA report explained what portions I should be having. I found this really challenging at first, as I was used to eating big bowls of pasta, but I got used to it after a while and felt fuller from eating things like protein. Now I prep my meals ahead so I don’t slip up. I have a plan each week and I stick to it which helps me to avoid reaching for ready meals or fast food. I use recipes from the myDNA report and also from recipes I find online.”

 It has been such a confidence boost losing weight, lots of people have noticed a difference and commented on how good I look which is really nice. I used to feel so self-conscious and it was horrible when I would try something on from my wardrobe and it wouldn’t fit. It has been really motivating for me!”

What is myDNA?

If you’re looking at a different way to lose weight, why not try myDNA a test that can help you unlock the secret to successful weight management. Using a simple cheek swap, it gives you a personalised diet plan using genetic testing and interpretation to explain how your genes influence your weight.

After you’ve sent off your test you’ll receive a recommended nutritional breakdown, a recommended number of macro-nutrient servings per day, recommended food guide and sample menus for each meal of the day.

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