A brand new breakthrough in weight loss, myDNA has developed an innovative DNA test which can reveal the best diet for you.

Exclusive to LloydsPharmacy, the new Weight Management DNA Testing Kit helps you decide which diet may be best suited to your body and help you manage your weight.

As well as finding out how your genes affect your ability to maintain and lose weight or why you may not feel full after eating, the personalised report also comes with sample menus to suit you.

Perhaps your body is more suited to Mediterranean inspired meals or a protein-packed diet works best for you.

If you’ve taken the myDNA Weight Management DNA Test and are looking for some tasty inspiration, here are a few ingredients to add to your shopping list…

7 foods to try according to your DNA:

  1. Quinoa High in protein, quinoa makes for the perfect staple that can help keep you feeling fuller for longer. It’s also a great source of dietary fibre and high in Omega-3 – keeping your heart happy and healthy.

How to try it: Instead of rice or cous cous, add to warm salads or to bulk out hearty stews.

  1. Tuna If your myDNA test has suggested a high protein-low fat (omega-3) diet, then tuna is a great addition to the menu. With around 100g of tuna having approximately 30g of protein (just like 80g of chicken) and about 1.5g of omega-3, it can help you easily achieve your protein goal for the day, and keeping your fat intake low but focusing on the right type of fat.

How to try it: Simply pan fried or grilled as a steak, or try it on top of jacket potatoes and in salads. 

  1. Turkey

If you’re seeking out high protein options, turkey is a great choice. As well as a source of zinc, iron, Vitamin B6 and potassium, skinless turkey is both rich in protein and low in fat. It can be great if you exercise too, as the B6 helps with energy and protein with healthy muscle repair.

How to try it: Try it instead of chicken in your favourite dishes, or make healthy turkey burgers from turkey mince. 

  1. Cottage cheese Cottage cheese is the perfect choice for vegetarians looking for a source of protein. With many low fat and flavoured options, it can be a versatile way of getting protein, calcium and iron onto your plate. Definitely one to try if your personalised report suggests a low fat diet would work for you. 

How to try it: Switch out your usual cheese toppings, try on top of jacket potatoes or have instead of sour cream on a veggie chilli. 

  1. Oats

If your myDNA test suggest you may have the gene which means you find it hard to stay full, oats might be a recipe for success. Packed full of beta-glucans, this type of soluble fibre means you digest slower and hopefully feel fuller for longer. 100g of oats also have around 15-20g of protein so it could be a great breakfast option if you’re on this plan. 

How to try them: Soak oats overnight, use oats in pancakes or even in healthy breakfast muffins. 

  1. Tofu

For vegans or those who follow a dairy free diet, tofu* is a must-have addition to any meal. The versatile ingredient is great for any of the myDNA diet plans, as it’s so high in protein and low in fat. Its ability to take on flavour means that meat-eaters can love it too! 

How to try it: Try it in curries instead of meat, as a tofu scramble for breakfast or as an addition to salads.

  1. Broccoli For protein-packed veggies, broccoli is one to tick off your list. This leafy green is a good source of protein and fibre, as well as being a low fat option. It also goes well with fish dishes, making it ideal if a Mediterranean diet was suggested in your report. For any diet really.

How to try it: As a side dish, in a stir fry, alongside seasoned chicken, fish or steak.

 *As with most foods, all things are good in moderation. Tofu and soya contains oxalate and people with a history of oxalate kidney stones should avoid consuming large amounts. Women who have had oestrogen-sensitive breast tumours should also restrict their soya intake to no more than four servings a week.