Wearable technology, a whole new chapter.

A Government affairs manager, a mum, a wife, a sister, a auntie, a best friend you get the picture she’s a busy lady.

Like many of us Alison has neglected her own fitness and healthy eating due to the pressures of a busy work and family life, but not anymore.

We will be following Alison’s journey, where she will be letting us in and updating us on how using wearable technology is helping her reach goals, stay motivated and get fit. As well as have those naughty treats without feeling super guilty.

It all started with, a birthday present to me.

My recent birthday was a bit of a watershed moment, not because it involved me reaching a significant milestone or anything, but because I decided that I was going to start looking after myself again.

A busy work and home schedule means that I often make excuses to neglect physical activity and opt for convenience on too many occasions when it comes to food choices.

Being part of an active family also requires a certain degree of stamina, something I am lacking in buckets. Life is too precious to be a tired spectator. Working in a healthcare related job I’m all too aware of the risks relating to serious, life changing conditions to do nothing.

I joined a local gym and found a new love of swimming, something I thought I’d never say!

To help me to get motivated, I decided to opt for a wearable fitness tracking device… I’ve seen lots of people wearing them and heard many stories of how the ‘wristband wearers’ have had amazing results.

I opted for the Misfit Flash, for a number of reasons; a number of options for wearing the device (clip and band included), the midrange price point; many choices of colour, and because you can wear it in water.

With LloydsPharmacy’s click and collect service I soon had the device home, and on my birthday began the start of my new regime.

The app was free and easy to get started, set my goal and sync the device. Because I feel that I am starting from a low point of fitness, I opted for the 600 points target to begin with.

I am going to try and get at least 30 minutes exercise in 5 days a week – and see how I get on.

Find out more online and check MisFit’s out online.