Lauren King

Lauren King, B2B Online Marketing Executive at Celesio

Lauren says:

I tested Body Care Oil on two scolds I have had for a few months on my lower arm. When I began using Body Care Oil, the first thing I noticed was how quickly it absorbed and left my skin feeling soft. I had never used a body oil before, so I was expecting a greasy thick consistency so was surprised how un-greasy this was.

The smell was nice and it didn’t stay on my skin for too long so I wasn’t worried that I’d transfer the oil to my clothing. As I continued testing Body Care Oil, the best thing was that I only had to apply a small amount of the product and it went a long way making my skin feel soft. At £5.99 for a large bottle, it’s great value for money and I think the product would last a long time.

Overall, my scars are slightly less prominent and with continued use, I feel I would see greater results. I would recommend this product to anyone who wanted to try and remove a scar or just to make their skin feel soft and moisturised.

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