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‘Enterosgel should be in every traveller’s first aid kit.’ Dr Lisa Ackerley, leading travel hygiene expert and Professorial Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health.


As around five million of us prepare to fly abroad for our annual bout of holiday sun, every parent knows that the one thing that can really spoil the fun is the dreaded ‘traveller’s tummy.’ According to experts, there is at least a 20% of being struck down with this condition which can leave sufferers with a fever, exhausted, in pain and confined to the hotel room. Not much of a holiday!

But now, the launch of a brand new and unique anti-diarrhoeal product here in the UK that will protect you and your family and help to ensure that your holiday is tummy trouble free!

Safely and effectively used in Europe for over thirty years and recommended by World Health Organization specialists for cases of food poisoning, Enterosgel has been clinically developed and proven to be safe even for very young babies, pregnant and breast feeding mothers, the elderly and the chronically ill. You can give it to the family as a preventative measure, or as a treatment for gastrointestinal disorders caused by potentially dangerous bacteria such as E-Coli and Salmonella and viruses such as Noroviros.

Just mix it with a bit of water and drink. Enterosgel passes gently through the gut adsorbing bacterial pathogens, viruses, allergens and toxins and removing them along with other body waste. Unlike traditional anti-diarrhoeals which stop the upset stomach by slowing the bowel movement down (keeping viruses or toxins inside the body) Enterosgel acts like a clever sponge as it passes through the gut absorbing only medium weight molecules of harmful substances such as toxins, pathogens, allergens & viruses. These potentially harmful substances are then excreted with the next bowel movement within 12-24 hours.

As if that isn’t clever enough, Enterosgel is non-allergenic and gluten, lactose & preservative-free. Ideal for those with already sensitive stomachs.

And now the really smart stuff! Clinical research has shown that when taken to the correct dose, Enterosgel can reduce the duration of diarrhoea by 70%, reduce high fever from 5 to 2 days and associated rate of complications by 70% compared to other treatments. There have been no reported adverse effects from using Enterosgel in the last 30 years although it is recommended you take it with plenty of water to avoid the small risk of constipation.

No wonder Enterosgel is already an absolute must-have in the first aid and travel kits of most savvy European mums, who bought five million tubes of Enterosgel last year alone.

Eneterosgel is now available in the UK. It comes in a handy 225g tube or a box of ten individual 15g sachets if you are short of packing space and is available from LloydsPharmacy.