It’s that time of year when we want to treat our Dads, or just the men in our lives that matter to us. As well as finding them the perfect gift (shop our Father’s Day gifts here), why not try giving them a helping hand to look after their health.

We’ve put together our top tips on important men’s health issues, and how you can help them.

From reducing risk of diabetes, keeping an eye on blood pressure or managing everyday aches and pains, at LloydsPharmacy we want to help you and your Dad with any men’s health worries you may have. Whether that’s through our health checks, lifestyle advice or expert product recommendations. Here are our top 3 things to encourage your dad to do before Father’s Day.

Top Men’s Health Issues:

Heart Health

Keeping your heart healthy is an important men’s health issue at any age, as it can help prevent heart disease (a range of conditions affecting the heart and arteries. There are a few ways you can help to look after your heart:

Cholesterol check:

Cholesterol is a fatty substance that helps our bodies work properly, and there are two types of cholesterol good (HDL) cholesterol and bad (LDL) cholesterol. When there’s too much LDL in your blood this can increase your risk of heart disease. Encourage your dad to get a check today if:

  • He’s over 40 years old
  • He’s of South Asian or African-Caribbean descent
  • He has any immediate male family members under the age of 55 who have heart disease
  • He has any immediate female family members under the age of 65 who have heart disease
  • He has high blood pressure or a family history of high cholesterol levels
  • He smokes, has a high BMI or a less active lifestyle

Getting your cholesterol levels checked can help identify your risk of developing heart disease and how to help prevent it. Find out more about our cholesterol check here.

Blood Pressure:

High blood pressure (also known as hypertension) rarely has noticeable symptoms, so the only way to find out yours is to get tested. We offer a blood pressure check which is quick, easy and you don’t even need an appointment. All adults are at risk of having high blood pressure, but your dad maybe more at risk if:

  • He has a family history of high blood pressure or heart disease
  • He’s of South Asian or African-Caribbean descent
  • His diet includes more than 2-3 units of alcohol a day, a lot of salt and very little fruit or vegetables a day
  • He struggles to maintain a healthy weight and could be more active

Find out more about our blood pressure check here.

Reducing Their Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition that affects how your body uses glucose, a sugar that is a source of energy. There are two main types of diabetes:

Type 1 which generally develops in people under that age of 40, where symptoms can develop suddenly including shaking, sweating, thirstiness and weight loss. Treatment is with insulin, as well as a healthy diet and exercise.

Type 2, which usually develops in people over 40. It has less obvious symptoms and tends to develop slowly and can go unnoticed. It can be treated successfully with a healthy balanced diet and physical activity. Sometimes medication may be necessary.

Type 2 diabetes is becoming a huge part of men’s health. There are several factors associated with type 2 diabetes. While there are some that you have no control over, such as your age or genetics there are others which you can manage.

Get your dad to come instore for a type 2 diabetes screening if one of more of the following applies:

  • He has a high BMI
  • He has an increased waist measurement (above 94cm)
  • He has high blood pressure, heart disease or has had a stroke before.

Find your local LloydsPharmacy here and come instore for a type 2 diabetes screening. Or, get your dad to complete our online risk assessment here.

Help to Quit

If your dad smokes, one of the best things you can do is encourage him to stop smoking. We know that it isn’t easy, which is why we’re here for your dad every step of the way. Visit your local LloydsPharmacy to talk to a member of our healthcare team about what Nicotine Replacement Therapy might help, or whether they offer a FREE NHS Stop Smoking Service.

For more advice on men’s health issues, visit your local LloydsPharmacy and talk to a member of our healthcare team. Find your local LloydsPharmacy here.