Do you want to get active but want a way to track your progress? There are many ways to do so, including apps and fitness trackers.

But, with so many options out there it can be hard to know which one to choose. That’s why we’ve put together our guide to fitness tech you could try.

Fitness Trackers:

Fitness trackers can come in all shapes and sizes. From those that simply track your steps, to those that can track your heart rate and some that even go under water. Here are three different ways you can keep track of your activity, depending on what you need.

We all know we should be doing regular exercise, but fitting that into your busy schedule can be difficult. An easy way to start is by trying to do 10,000 steps a day. If you’re looking for a simple way to track that, then this Stepometer can help.

It can:

Count your steps
Count calories burned
Measure distance travelled
Tell you the time with its digital clock

Do you want something a little more advanced than a stepometer, but don’t want to break the bank? Then why not try the Acme ACT304 activity tracker.

It includes:

Heart rate monitor – that tracks your heart activity and identifies peak exercise, cardio exercise and fat burning zone.

Pedometer – the internal pedometer counts your steps, distance walked and calories burned

Sleep tracker – If you wear your tracker while sleeping, it can count the average hours of sleep per night, indicates deep and light sleep time and highlights the hours of falling asleep and waking up.

Water-Resistant – The ACME Act304 has IP67 protection against water and dust, which means you can wear the tracker while you’re taking a shower, or doing some laps in the pool. But, it’s not suitable for diving.

If you connect your activity tracker to your phone, you can keep a record of your activity and sleep so you can look back on your progress. You can also set up your tracker so you can:

  • Get call and message notifications
  • Find your phone
  • Get a sedentary alert
  • Have an alarm
  • Take photos with your phone by pressing the button on your tracker

Have you already got an Acme ACT304 Activity Tracker, but not sure how to make the most of it? Here’s our guide on how to set it up.

Do you want a tracker you can wear almost anywhere? The Shine activity tracker can help you keep track of your walking, running, cycling, swimming and more. It also has a halo of lights that can show you, at a glance, how far towards your goal you are.


Measure daily activity and sync with your smartphone to show steps, distance travelled and calories burnt.
Track walking, running, swimming cycling and other exercise
Waterproof to 50 meters
Track your sleep

Fitness Apps:

Fitness trackers aren’t the only way to track your activity. There are a variety of fitness apps on the market that can help you get more active or keep track of your activity levels or eat healthier. Here are our top picks for free fitness apps.

For tracking your exercise and eating – Myfitnesspal

If you want to eat healthier, lose weight or simply keep an eye on what you’re eating then try myfitnesspal. It allows you to track how many calories you’ve eaten by scanning the barcode of what you’ve eaten, searching for it, or adding your own recipe. You can also connect an activity tracker to it, so it can add in what calories you’ve burnt from exercising or searching for an exercise and adding in how long you were exercising for.

For getting you running – One You Couch to 5K

Thinking of signing up for a charity 5K but not sure where to start? Or do you want the motivation to start running. This app helps build up your fitness levels with a mix of running and walking to begin with, increasing as you get fitter.

For giving your work out ideas – Nike Training Club

Not sure where to begin when getting fit? From strength and endurance to mobility and yoga, this app features 175+ free workouts so you can find one you enjoy. As you use the app more, you will also get recommendations of workouts to try.

Are you looking for advice on how to maintain a healthy weight? Find out more about weight loss, healthy diet plans or how to gain weight healthily here.