Corinne Morley is the in-house beauty expert and Sales and Marketing Manager for New Zealand natural skincare brand Trilogy.


Corinne Morley from Trilogy


The biggest challenge skin faces in the winter is staying hydrated, so the single best thing you can do is switch to a richer moisturiser or boost your skincare regime with a natural beauty oil.

Pure plant oils are excellent for dry or sensitised winter skin, delivering much needed hydration and nourishment. Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Face Cream, which is rich in rosehip oil, is my go-to product.

Your hands and body are particularly susceptible to wintry weather too, so keep them well moisturised. Trilogy Everything Balm is a winter skin saviour. A super-rich and nourishing blend of plant oils, it makes a great lip balm and you can use it for pretty much everything.Range of Trilogy products

Skin can also become more sensitised when the seasons start to change. Lovely as it may be stepping in from the cold and heading straight for the roaring fire to warm up, sudden changes in temperature can cause irritation and dehydration so are best avoided.

If you like to spend time outdoors in the cold winter months, especially if you’re running, cycling, etc, use an extra-thick moisturising layer to protect your face. Bitterly cold wind can be just as ageing as sun exposure.

I often get asked what the best products are for avoiding that dullness winter skin can get. Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ is an excellent choice. Formulated with our flagship certified organic blend of rosehip, acai, tomato seed and cranberry oils, Rosapene™ offers intensive nourishment, hydration and repair while protecting the skin against signs of ageing caused by free radical damage. It can give the complexion a noticeable radiance boost. You’ll also find it in the moisturisers in our face care range.


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