Corinne Morley is the in-house beauty expert and Sales and Marketing Manager for New Zealand natural skincare brand Trilogy. Corrine talks to us about Trilogy’s Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+

Trilogy Rosehip oil


Wondering what makes Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ such a stellar performer?

It’s Trilogy’s trademarked formulation Rosapene™, a certified organic, carefully selected seed oil blend, which brings together nature’s most powerful skin restoring and protecting properties in one bottle for intensive nourishment and a radiantly healthy glow.

Loved by celebrities like Dita von Teese and reportedly Cara Delevingne, this little bottle now has 25 international beauty awards under its belt.




Trilogy’s in-house beauty expert Corinne Morley explains the science behind the beauty oil:Corinne Morley from Trilogy

“We formulated Rosapene™ with the needs of modern skincare in mind. By adding potent antioxidants to skin-loving rosehip oil, we’ve developed a certified organic antioxidant complex that helps nourish and repair the skin while protecting against environmental free radical damage.”

“Free radicals initiate the deterioration of the skin’s structural support by damaging collagen and elastin fibres, resulting in a loss of elasticity, resilience and suppleness. Antioxidants help protect the skin against free radicals by neutralising and preventing them from attacking skin cells. The result is more radiant, supple and smoother skin.”

“And the experts do agree. Independent clinical studies show Rosapene™ works to improve skin tone and brightness, wrinkles and elasticity.”

“Rosapene™ is a blend of certified organic rosehip oil, tomato, cranberry and acai seed oils and oat extract. All these potent natural ingredients work together to deliver intensive nourishment, replenishing softness and elasticity, while providing a daily dose of antioxidants for radiantly healthy skin with a youthful glow.”

“Recognising that we were on to something good, we reformulated our Vital Moisturising Cream, Balancing Face Lotion, Ultra Hydrating Face Cream and Eye Contour Cream to include this powerful natural ingredient.”

So there you have it! Rosapene™ helps repair yesterday’s damage and protects against tomorrow’s.



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