1. Tell me about the fragrance By Invitation that you’ve created for Michael Bublé?

My name is Karine Dubreuil-Sereni and I was the lead perfumer who created the By Invitation fine fragrance on behalf of Michael Bublé. The team and I met with Michael initially and discussed how fragrance was crafted and recommended some ingredients for him to try – to establish some likes and dislikes. We then worked together to create something truly special he’d be happy to have his name on, and more importantly, create a fragrance so beautiful, the way he would love a woman to smell.

  1. How was it working with Michael Bublé and his team on this his debut fragrance?

Michael is very natural, very charismatic and charming to work with. He was inspired and engaged in the process from day one and it has been an absolute pleasure working with him on his debut fine fragrance. This collaboration has very much been an artist inspired journey working closely with Michael and his team every step of the way.

  1. What was your inspiration for By Invitation?

Creating Michael’s fragrance was a unique and very exciting experience for me. I rarely get the freedom to use the noblest ingredients in perfumery to create a prestige fragrance for women, but with Michael I didn’t have any restrictions. It allowed my imagination to soar. I thought about him, his music and his passions and imagined myself as the woman who would wear his fragrance. I then brought together the ingredients necessary to create his dream fine fragrance for women. Michael’s pre-requisite for involvement in the sector from the very start was that it would have to be a fine fragrance that he actually would buy for himself or his wife. Therefore, the creation of a prestige fine fragrance was ultimately inspired by his values.


  1. How would you describe By Invitation?

Like Michael’s music, this fragrance is modern and transcends time and fashion. I created a feminine and elegant accord around a floral heart, using iconic love flowers, but I treated it in a natural way thanks to a floral harmony revealing a mischievous lily of the valley, a wild jasmine and the spicy and transparent inflexions of peony. I dressed this floral bouquet with tempting red fruits and radiant bergamot shades. The base is oriental around an addictive praline vanilla wrapped in a warm sandalwood-musks duet.

  1. How long did it take to create By Invitation?

We started working with Michael and his team back in October 2015.

  1. How would you like Michael’s fans to feel when they first experience Michael’s fragrance?

Unlike our other senses, smelling is directly linked to our limbic system, which is an important memory centre in the brain that triggers instincts and emotions. It is a very primal sense that we possess – animals use it to guide most of their movements and decisions, and although we humans have evolved to rely on it less often, it still has the power to trigger powerful emotional reactions in us. I hope Michael’s fans feel an emotional connection as soon as they experience By Invitation and love the fragrance as much as we do.

  1. How as a perfumer do you get inspiration for your fragrances?

I get inspiration from pictures, images and often memories. My inspiration can come from anywhere and anytime. I might be inspired by a journey, by a delicious meal with wonderful and surprising flavours, by a garden or a walk in a forest. I usually begin by writing down what I want to create and then start thinking about the ingredients I’d like to use. I always want a fragrance to smell as natural as possible, like the living flower, which often is the biggest technical challenge for a perfumer.