This is a guest post by Caroline Narboni. The author’s views are entirely his or her own and may not reflect the views of Lloydspharmacy.

So here we are, the end of my 30-day trial of FaceD 3-LURONICS Instant Effect Cream. It has been an interesting exercise as it’s forced me to pay attention to my skin again, which had been long forgotten since the birth of my daughter late last year. And quite simply, I love this product!

To remind you what FaceD 3-LURONICS promises, it has a dual claim. ‘Now’, says the packet, the cream ‘instantly reduces visibility of wrinkles’. ‘Forever’, it claims that it ‘improves skin hydration and firmness’. So does it really live up to these promises?

Firstly, the ‘now’ claim. The difficulty is, as I’ve said before, that I don’t really have wrinkles as such. However, there is a stubborn line under my left eye which is there in the morning and has usually gone by lunchtime. Now, it definitely fades as soon as I put the cream on and I can only assume that if I had a lot of fine lines, I’d see that instant effect on them all.  However, what I love about it is the general polishing, freshening effect it has on my skin the moment I apply it. I feel sort of glowing, which is great as my days consistently start around dawn with my daughter, so I really should be looking more tired! Under make-up it’s the perfect product. Its ‘serum-y’ consistency means it forms a smooth barrier over the skin (and mine definitely needs this as I’m prone to blemishes and spots) so creates a lovely base for make-up. And, as I’ve mentioned before, we’re in the midst of a heat wave; I can report there has been no make-up ‘slippage’ at any point during the day this month!

So what about the long term – the ‘forever’ claim? This is harder to judge as I wouldn’t expect anything to work miracles that wasn’t surgical. But I definitely feel like my skin is ‘younger’ now that it was a month ago – it’s smoother and well hydrated, without being greasy. In fact, in my hurry the other morning, I forgot to apply the cream (or any moisturiser) and just put foundation straight on to my skin. As I did it, I realised what I’d done and expected to feel the usual ‘tugging’ effect as the foundation was going on dry skin – but it actually glided on really smoothly… which must mean that my bare skin is better hydrated, I guess!

One thing I know people will be worried about is the cost – at £24.99 a tube it’s definitely not a cheap buy (although not as expensive as some products that make these claims). I was worried that I’d get through a tube really quickly which would make it difficult to justify the cost longer term as I’m still on maternity leave – BUT I’ve only just finished the first one! I can’t believe this little tube (30ml) lasted 4 weeks! And I was being generous with it. So suddenly, at less than a pound a day, it makes much more financial sense!

So here’s my conclusion at the end of this trial. As any new mum will know, there just isn’t time for a lengthy beauty routine every morning – from the moment you wake up your baby is your priority. So you need great quality products that work hard for you whilst you’re busy looking after your little one (or little ones!). And FaceD 3-LURONICS is definitely one of these products. Once I’ve applied it, I know that I’ve done a little something for me that day and that whatever else happens, at least my skin will look good.

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