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Since having my daughter seven months ago, my appearance is now much lower on my list of priorities than it used to be. When she was tiny it was all I could do to have a shower and moisturise every day – and sometimes this wouldn’t happen until lunchtime! Now I do have a bit more time for me I have started to think about how I look again – starting with my skin. I have never been one of those people with lovely clear skin – I suffer from blemishes and slightly large pores – and although I don’t have lines as such, motherhood has definitely taken its toll. The pregnancy ‘bloom’ is long gone and the sleepless nights mean that my skin can sometimes look tired and dull.

Face D - 3-LURONICS Facial Cream - 30ml

FaceD – 3-LURONICS Facial Cream

So I was excited to try out the new FaceD, 3-LURONICS cream to see what would happen over 30 days.

The packaging is really nice – it looks quite upmarket and strikes the right balance between looking like a beauty product and a medical-type ‘treatment’. I also like the fact that it’s a tube rather than a tub as it’s quite light and a nice size – it would be easy to take on holiday, for example.

The cream itself looks and feels more like a serum than a typical moisturiser. It goes on smoothly and feels like it doesn’t just sink straight in like a normal day cream – you can feel it sitting on your skin for a little while. I wasn’t sure I liked the feel of this at first but I guess that’s the point of a product that has an immediate ‘filler’ effect on the skin. I had a good look at my face before and after and whilst the effects weren’t obvious straight away – maybe because I don’t really have wrinkles yet – my skin did look a bit brighter and certainly felt nice and fresh. Also, the smell is gorgeous!

I wasn’t sure about how foundation would go on over the cream but I have to say I was really impressed! It felt as if it was being applied over a much smoother surface than usual and once I’d finished my make-up I actually couldn’t believe the difference! My skin looked much brighter, smoother and even in tone than usual. I actually couldn’t stop looking at myself in the mirror! It’s now nearly 4pm and my skin still looks smooth and bright – the cream seems to have provided a good base to keep the make-up looking fresh, even though it’s a really warm day.

So it’s early days for the long-term effects to show, but certainly for now I’m very happy with the result. I’ll update my blog next week to share how I’m getting on and whether there is any improvement in my skin without the make-up on!

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