If you’re looking for a new fragrance, for yourself or even for a loved ones Birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s gift, then you’ll appreciate just how tough it is to find the right one!

Do you go fruity, or opt for a muskier scent? Deciding on a signature scent comes down to personal preference, but we at LloydsPharmacy have put together a few tips to help you find the best fragrance and avoid an awkward  fragrance faux-par!


Understanding fragrance

More often than not a fragrance is made up of multiple layers; these layers are referred to as notes. Notes can be tricky as perfumes have several ‘notes’. Rather than picking one note, pick several notes that become more apparent over time. You may find that what you smell at the beauty counter will change by the time you get home.

Top notes: The immediate smell you pick up, however this evaporates very quickly.

Middle notes: These appear as the top notes disperse and these are what you will smell in the long term as they make up the majority of the scent.

Base notes: Richer and go undetected until you have been wearing the perfume for about half an hour. Base notes provide depth and support the middle notes to create the theme of the scent.

Tips on selecting that perfect scent

  • Think about personality… Love getting dressed up? Then maybe a fruitier scent, with a stronger scent that lasts the evening. Enjoy subtle makeup and love outdoors? Perhaps consider a muskier scent with clean fresh elements that compliment the great outdoors. The idea is to choose a scent that represents you or the person you are buying for.
  • Consider scents that make you smile, from fresh bed sheets to chocolate and freshly cut grass. Your favourites may be varied but you can select a perfume with similar notes.
  • Try before you buy! It’s important you love your new scent so be sure to test it, so take advantage of the fragrance testers


Fragrance notes broken down


Probably the most popular scent option, floral scents tend to be feminine and romantic.


Gucci Bamboo Eau De Parfum 50ml

Jimmy Choo Illicit 40ml

Roberto Cavalli Her 75ml

Emporio Armani Diamonds Rose


These scents tend to be muskier and slightly spicy with hints of vanilla, cinnamon and clove.


Montblanc Individuel Men 50ml

Davidoff Hot Water

Calvin Klein Obsession for Ladies


This family of perfumes are characterised by an earthy, woody scent, with hints of oak, moss and citrus.


Giorgio Armani Si 30ml

Jimmy Choo EDP 60ml

Calvin Klein CK2 Eau De Toilette 50ml 


Think freshly cut grass, crushed leaves and other crisp, cool scents that bring to mind the outdoors and open spaces.


Kenneth Cole Vintage Black

Noa EDT 30ml

DKNY EDT 30ml Women


(meaning fern in French!) This family of scents is stronger and often used in men’s fragrances. They contain hints of oak, moss and fresh herbs.


Joop! Homme

Calvin Klein Eternity for Men



These scents are influenced by the sea and evoke being by the ocean (sandy beach, salty air). Oceanic scents are clean, almost-masculine with hints of spice and citrus.


Davidoff Cool Water

Davidoff Cool Water Woman



step into a forest and these are the notes you will get with a woody scent. Think pine, cedar, and sandalwood – scents that are earthy and musky.


Jimmy Choo Man EDT 50ml

Cerruti 1881 Homme EDT Spray 25ml

Yves Saint Laurent Paris EDT 50ml