Stress can cause illness and so it’s important to recognise stress and try to make positive changes to stop yourself feeling this way. If left, stress can lead to serious health issues, even heart attacks and strokes, so it’s important to try to reduce your stress levels.

Here’s how:


Have a technology curfew and make sure all phones and tablets are off one hour before you go to bed to allow a mental and physical break from work before you try to sleep.


Keep work at work, don’t be tempted to work long into the evening.

Drink Water

Don’t turn to caffeine to pep you up or alcohol to relax you. A little of both are fine but your body is already in turmoil and needs support. Keep hydrated with water and try listening to music to calm you instead.

Holiday on a beach

Take a break. Regular holidays are a must to get away from the stresses and strains of daily living. Don’t be tempted to cancel holidays, move holiday time to the next year or simply not take one. You’ll come back refreshed and be more productive.


Get into doing regular exercise. Exercise can help to reduce stress, as when you exercise, your body releases mood boosting chemicals (endorphins).

Check your blood pressure

Know what your blood pressure is doing, one way to help avoid the serious health issues is to make sure you don’t have high blood pressure. LloydsPharmacy offers free blood pressure checks if you don’t know what yours is. For more information click on the heart below.

If you’re worried about how you’re feeling speak to your pharmacist or GP.