Medicine Check up

Confused with the medications you have been prescribed? Have questions you forgot to ask? Need expert advice on how to take your medication?

A Medicine Check Up at your local LloydsPharmacy can help you manage your medications and help you to change your life. We’ve put together different ways in which having a Medicine Check Up can help make your life easier.

  1. Put your mind at rest

Worried your medicines may not be working? Or are the side effects from your medications causing you discomfort or pain? A Medicine Check-Up allows you to talk to a fully trained Pharmacist about your concerns and you can get expert advice on how your medicines work and why you might be experiencing side effects.

  1. Do things you love

Taking multiple medications doesn’t have to mean you miss out on doing the things you love. A Medicine Check-Up could help by giving you information on when and how to take medicines to allow medicines to become part of your routine rather than taking over your routine. Our trained Pharmacists can also advise you on how to be active and healthy whilst on medication.

  1. Make you medicine smart

Did you know the time and the way you take your medications can change your life? Small improvements in the way medicines are taken can have a big impact on how easy taking medicines is and how effective they are. Talking to our Pharmacists can allow you to get to know your medications better and understand what they are doing and how they should be effectively taken.

  1. Give you more control and confidence with your condition

Help and advice from our Pharmacists can give you extra confidence and control over the medicines you take to empower yourself to manage your condition more effectively. Find using your inhaler tricky? Our Pharmacists can help you improve the way you administer your inhaler so that they work better for you and ultimately you can better manage your condition – which really could save your life!

  1. Get ongoing, tailored advice from professionals

We know that medications can affect your lifestyle, so we are here to give you tailored advice to help you live life to the fullest. And the best bit, you can pop back into your local LloydsPharmacy anytime for FREE professional advice that you can trust.