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For anyone taking regular medication the thought of managing multiple medications can be daunting, from what time of day to take them to taking them with or without food, it’s a lot to take in. Taking prescribed medicines in the right way is important to your health – it’s easy to make mistakes without even realising it.

There are things you can do to make life that little bit easier with a range of prescription services and expert advice from a pharmacist.

1 NHS Electronic Prescription Service*

This is an NHS funded service which allows you to manage your prescriptions electronically. Once you’ve been prescribed medication your GP will send this to your nominated pharmacy (electronically), and then you can pop into your chosen pharmacy to collect your medication. You can nominate a pharmacy instore, by phone or online.

*England only

2 Repeat Prescription Service

The Repeat Prescription Service is aimed at people with long term conditions who need recurring prescriptions. The pharmacy arranges and collects your prescription from the GP surgery to help ensure the medication is ready and waiting when you need them.

3 New Medicines Advice

A pharmacist can offer advice for those who have been prescribed a new medication. The service is designed to ensure you have an initial understanding of newly prescribed medication. A pharmacist can talk to you about why you should be taking it, how it works and how to take it for maximum benefit.

4 Medicine Check ups

The medicines check-up service helps you understand the medicines you are taking and the best way to use them. The way you take prescribed medicines can make a big difference to how effective they are. The medicines check-up service is an ideal opportunity to talk with a pharmacist in private. It only takes around 10 minutes and you’ll leave feeling confident that you really are getting the most out of your medicines.

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