Father working from home with his daughter

With the current coronavirus situation, many of us are having to adapt our routine including working from home.

This can be a big change, particularly when you may be used to an office environment.

While working from home can sound ideal, it comes with its own pitfalls you may not be expecting.


For example, you might be struggling to maintain a routine or find yourself being unproductive. Here’s our top 5 tips for keeping a routine and being productive when working from home.

Wake up at your normal time

When working from home, you might be tempted to wake up later and start working straight away. Instead, try to wake up at your normal time, follow your usual morning routine and then start working.

Set a schedule for working from home

When you’re working from home, it can be easy to carry on working late into the evening or start early in the morning. But this can lead to you burning out. Instead, try to stick to the schedule you would do when working normally. Make sure you take time out during the day as you would in the office, including time to eat lunch away from your desk.

Create a workspace

To help you separate your home life from your work life, try to have a set space where you work that isn’t where you relax or sleep. This will help you keep your work life separate from your home, you could try a small desk or working at your dining room table.

Make sure to get active

Sitting at your desk all day isn’t good for you physically or mentally. Make sure you take regular breaks to stand up and if you’ve gained any time back in your day from commuting why not work out at home or go for a walk outside. You might find a lunchtime walk can help break up the day, while getting some fresh air.

Set goals for the day

Setting goals for the day can help you plan what needs to be done, and make you feel motivated to do it.  Try to keep the list short, or you might find the list overwhelming, and write it down so you can keep an eye on it throughout the day. You might find it helpful to write your list just before you start work, or as your last task of the day before to get it off your mind.