An older man using his tablet in his living room to order his repeat prescription

Heading to the pharmacy to pick up your NHS prescription is an age-old ritual.

Many of us will remember going to the pharmacy going into pharmacy during our childhood.

But with more of us leading busier lives and making more time for home life, going to the pharmacy is sometimes hard to schedule in.

Over the last few months, some of us have been unable to head out to the local pharmacy and you may have been wondering: “Can I get my NHS prescription delivered?” “If so, who can help?”

You may have come across a prescription delivery service in the past but may have been unsure of their reliability. There are lots of companies out there claiming to be “number one” to get your NHS prescription delivered. It’s always best to look around, read reviews on Trustpilot and understand who exactly will be dealing with your medicine. Some are providing legitimate NHS services, others are not.

Here we explain the options for your prescription and how to sign-up

So we’re proud to say that LloydsPharmacy can help with this. You may have heard of Echo, by LloydsPharmacy. Echo is our very own NHS repeat prescription delivery service. With Echo you can get your NHS prescription delivered for free. Not just to your home, it can also be delivered to your work, or to one of 10,500 collection points in the UK.

Signing up is free, easy and takes just a few minutes. You can download the Echo app from either the Apple or Android stores, or sign up on the Echo website.

If you pay for your NHS repeat prescription, then you’ll just be charged the standard amount. There is no extra cost to you for delivery nor to the NHS for the use of this service, plus we accept all NHS exemptions and prepayment certificates.

So wave goodbye to those paper prescriptions and long queues. Say hello to electronic prescriptions, free delivery and more time to do the things you love.

Sign up to Echo from LloydsPharmacy today.