Is it just another beauty buzz word? Or is it a secret that needs exposing?

Here at LloydsPharmacy we take skin health seriously, that’s why we’re a fan of on dermo-cosmetic skincare.

Most of us purchase new skincare products on impulse. We’ve either seen an advert claiming to relieve all of our skin woes and turn back the clock, or we have been recommended a product by a friend. But what we forget is that our skin is unique and that we each need a tailored skin routine.

Skincare is most commonly purchased from department stores or supermarkets, which leaves the credible range found in a number of our pharmacy stores a hidden treasure. These products have been carefully selected for you, have been developed by dermatologists and have the backing of scientific research.

So, what are dermo-cosmetics?

Dermatology based products combine cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, focusing on skin heath and the treatment of superficial skin disorders, such as acne, wrinkles and redness.

Why choose dermo-cosmetics?

Dermo-cosmetic skincare products have been developed through extensive research, by innovative teams, working with leading edge technological tools.

Why pay more for dermo-cosmetics?

These products are put through various trails and in many cases are clinically tested before being bought to market.

They often contain a higher concentration of key ingredients leading to an improved performance, healthier skin that looks aesthetically good.

What skincare brands are ‘dermo-cosmetic’?

Brands link Avene, La Roche Posay, Vichy, Korres, Bioderma and Eucerin are all classed as dermo-cosmetic skincare brands.

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