Exercises for arthritis

Strengthening exercises for arthritis are important as they can help keep your muscles strong so that in turn they can help to support the joint and also keep your joints mobile. Doing these exercises three to five times per week is recommended.

For strengthening exercises, start with as many repetitions you can comfortably do and then build up gradually.

For strengthening exercises, start with as many repetitions you can comfortably do and build up the number gradually. You should aim to complete between six and fifteen repetitions as this has been shown to achieve benefit.

For stretching exercises, you should slowly move as far as you can until you feel a stretch in the muscles around the joints and then hold still the position. At first, hold the stretch for as long you can safely. Ideally you should aim to build up to holding a stretch for up to 20 seconds*.

Exercises for Arthritis:

Exercises for arthritis: exercises 1

Exercise 1:

Sit on a chair and using one leg at a time, pull your toes up, tighten your thigh muscle and straighten your knee.

Exercises for arthritis: exercise 2

Exercise 2:

Stand in front of a chair and hold on with both hands for support. Slowly crouch keeping your back straight and heels on the floor.

Exercises for arthritis: exercise 3

Exercise 3:

Sit with your knees bent and feet together. Press your knees down towards the floor, using your hands as needed.

Exercises for arthritis: exercise 4

Exercise 4:

Lie on your back. Pull each knee in turn to your chest, keeping your other leg straight.

For more information on exercising with arthritis, visit our blog. Which covers the basics on how to get started, what you should wear and how much activity you need.

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*Keele University