We all recognise the power of music when it comes to our mood. Listening to certain songs can provoke happiness, sadness and even anger but can it really help us feel physically better?

A story from back in 2014 by BBC Local Radio and featured on Telegraph.co.uk suggests it can act as a way to provide alternative pain management. A survey carried out by BBC Local Radio found that 90% of respondents agreed listening to music can make them feel perkier when they are sick or faced with hard times. The most popular song, chosen by those surveyed, was Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. More than two-thirds of respondents said they enjoyed listening to music when they felt unwell and 81% said that they have been made to feel better by listening to music.

The findings of this survey are not dissimilar to our own research conducted last year which looked at the affect music can have on people’s pain.

According to 41% of those asked, listening to music can help as an alternative pain management technique and pop music came top when deciding on the best genre of music to listen to.

The top five songs as chosen by respondents to our survey are:

  1. Bridge over troubled water (Simon and Garfunkel)
  2. Angels (Robbie Williams)
  3. Albatross (Fleetwood Mac)
  4. Candle in the wind (Elton John)
  5. Easy (The Commodores)

Having spoken to members of the pain community we found that listening to music can hold some benefits for people living with persistent pain. There are lots of different ways of managing pain, not only with medicines but also with lifestyle changes such as moderate exercise and relaxation. Music could be another form of effective management.

If you have been experiencing pain for several weeks or longer, you would benefit from speaking to one of our pharmacists to understand if:

  • You are taking the best medicines for your type of pain
  • You are taking your existing treatments in the best way to obtain maximum relief
  • You may be able to take additional pain relief
  • There are drug-free alternatives to try alongside your regular medication