We all know someone with an epic sneeze. One that makes you laugh, jump or cringe but what type of sneezer are you? We’ve devised a list of the top sneezes from ‘operatic’ to ‘let it all go’.

Use our #SneezeScale to identify what type of sneezer you are.


The Operatic…

Opera Singer

Where your pre-sneeze gasps of air come in such a succession that you’re deemed fit for lead in Phantom of the Opera

The Attention Seeker…

woman gasping


Tickle, twitch, eyes widen, concentration, gasp, oh wait…it’s gone

 The Spray Sneeze…

dumbo sneezing

There is no tissue in sight and you’ve just got to let it all out. One may aliken this to an elephant’s trunk.

The Surprise Ninja…


The ones that creeps up on you from behind!

 The Kitten Sneeze…


The itsy bitsy, cutesy noise similar to a precious little squeak, one you’re unlikely to hear coming from the male gender

The Show Off…


5 in a row? Alright we get it, you can sneeze.

The Dancing Nose…











An itch that resembles someone tickling your nostrils with a feather

The Let It All Go…


Similar to a revolutionary war cannon!


Which one are you on the #SneezeScale? Comment below or let us know on Twitter! @LloydsPharamcy 

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