When you’re living with diabetes, whether you’ve recently been diagnosed or you’ve been living with it for a few years, it can be a struggle to know what you can or can’t eat. The good news is, it boils down to eating a healthy balanced diet – but remember it’s best to listen to any recommendations from your diabetes nurse, doctor or dieticians about small alterations to your diet to control the effect of food on your blood glucose levels.

You can usually still eat what your family and friends might be eating. But, if you’re still not sure where to find healthy recipes, we’ve pulled together a few different places you could try.

Are you unsure what the basics of a healthy diet are?

We have a food guide which covers simple changes you could make to improve your diet, for example you could try including more salad leaves or steamed vegetables to your meal to help you towards your five a day. It also has advice on how to stick to a diet, or lifestyle change, how to manage comfort eating as well as some food to watch out for.

Are you looking to make your family favourites a bit healthier?

Many of us have a family favourite, perhaps it’s a comforting bowl of spaghetti Bolognese, or you like to treat yourself to fish and chips on a Friday evening. But, they may not necessarily be the healthiest choices we could be making. That’s why we worked with Dr. Hazel Wallace to make some small tweaks to some classic family dishes.

Do you like the sound of those changes? Find the full recipes here: fish and chips, veggie loaded beef bolognese with courgetti and Mexican breakfast wrap.

Are you looking for some inspiration?

If you’ve nailed the basics of healthy eating, and tried making your family’s top dishes a bit healthier, you might be looking for some new meals to try. If that’s the case, Diabetes UK has a recipe finder full of different options that can help you cook for all your family and friends.