If you are living with diabetes, it’s important to keep active and healthy.

Making small changes to your daily routine to include exercise can have a great impact on your health, and by implementing our easy exercise tips, you can incorporate more activity into your day; leaving you feeling happier and healthier.

Making exercise apart of  your day can be a great way of keeping active without feeling under pressure to make time. Work commitments and a busy family or life can make maintaining an active lifestyle challenging. However, with some effort you can incorporate exercise into your schedule.

1. Use pedal power to commute

Try swapping your car for a bike. Not only is it a fun way to exercise, but it’s also a good way to eliminate the stress of rush-hour traffic. If you work too far away to cycle, you can always park your car 15 minutes away and power walk your way into the office.

2. Make everyday tasks more physical

Ever thought about fitting in some squats and stretches while doing your household chores? Or, how about adding extra weights to your vacuum cleaner to work out your arms? And when cleaning the car, why not opt to do it yourself instead of using the car wash? Even while shopping, you can use a basket instead of a trolley to work your muscles that bit harder.

3. Socialise on the move

When a friend suggests meeting for lunch, catching up over drinks or going to the cinema, suggest an active option instead. Maybe joining a boot camp, going to a kick boxing class or taking for a brisk walk around the local park.

4. Use a fitness tracker

If you’d like to count your daily steps, keep track of how many calories you burn or know how healthy your heart rate is, there are many apps, pedometers and smartwatches to choose from. LloydsPharmacy has a range of fitness trackers that may help to keep a log of the exercise you do.