dementia friendsThis week at LloydsPharmacy we’ve had a Dementia Friends focus week, encouraging colleagues across the business to join our growing community of dementia friends, understand more about dementia and how they can help and support people living with dementia.

The focus week saw teams commit to becoming a Dementia Friend by attending information sessions in large groups or watching videos individually. They were then asked to make a pledge, however big or small, on how they can make a real difference to people’s lives.

Events were also held in LloydsPharmacy stores including raffles and specific dementia days, and a colleague even signed up to become a Dementia Friends Champion. As well as spreading the word about Dementia Friends among his colleagues and friends, Brian Cremin, from the LloydsPharmacy store in Garston, also plans to hold events for all the local GP practice staff to help raise awareness of Dementia Friends.

Though Dementia Friends isn’t about fundraising or volunteering, colleagues in the support centre decided to hold a nostalgic cake bake to raise money for Alzheimer’s UK. The Memory Bake encouraged volunteers to bake a cake that evoked specific memories for them. The cakes ranged from packet cake mixes with character stickers that a colleague used to make with her siblings during childhood, to a variation on a recipe that was handed down from a colleague’s grandma. After sharing their memories, everyone who made a small donation was treated to a slice of cake.

Dementia affects masses of people, with 800,000 people in the UK living with dementia, and this is only set to increase. Being a Dementia Friend isn’t about volunteering or raising money, it is about understanding the disease and turning this into action. To become a Dementia Friend please visit