When you’re newly diagnosed with asthma it might feel overwhelming, with new medicines to take, symptoms to manage and things to remember.

One thing to remind yourself of is it shouldn’t stop you living your life.

Here is our advice on how to get out and about with asthma.

Travelling with Asthma:

Being diagnosed with asthma shouldn’t stop you from travelling; there are a few things you can do so you can enjoy your holiday without worry. The first thing you should do is to ensure you have enough medication with you to last throughout your holiday. It’s a good idea to bring enough for a few extra days in case you experience delays while on your travels. Also, make sure to keep your reliever inhaler where you can easily get to it.

If you haven’t visited your GP or asthma nurse in a while, try to see them before you go away so they can review your personal action plan and make sure it’s up to date

At Work:

It’s important to know your triggers when at work, as some workplaces can expose you to irritants such as fumes, dust, or certain chemicals; as well as cold air, physical activity or stress. Once you know them, talk to your employer to work out a plan to avoid any triggers that are making your symptoms worse.

You can also discuss any patterns of symptoms and/or use of inhaler(s) when you are at work with your GP or asthma nurse to see if they are linked, and they can advise you what to do if they are.

If you need more information why not see our blogs on knowing the signs, or understanding triggers.

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