Having the right inhaler technique can be the difference between your condition not affecting your day-to-day life, or having poorly managed asthma, where even simple tasks are difficult.

There are many types of inhaler that can be prescribed by your GP, the most common is the Pressurised Metered Dosed Inhaler, which delivers a specific amount of medicine to help manage symptoms.

Perfect inhaler technique:

Here’s our Pharmacist’s guide to using a Pressurised Metered Dosed Inhaler.

Step 1 Remove cap, shake inhaler well, and then breathe out fully.
Step 2 Holding inhaler upright, bring chin up and place inhaler firmly between lips. Do not bite. Inhale slowly and deeply.
Step 3 Activate inhaler by pressing canister down, while continuing to inhale. Continue to breathe in slowly for as long as comfortably possible.
Step 4 Hold breath for 10 seconds, or as long as is  comfortable. Then remove inhaler from mouth and breathe out slowly.
Step 5 For a second dose, wait about 30 seconds before repeating steps 1 to 3. Only use inhaler for the number of doses on the label, then start a new one. Replace cap.

don’t forget!

If the inhaler has not been used before, a test dose should be fired into the air to prime the system.

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