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As the seasons change I find my asthma symptoms worse and I’m not sure what’s causing it


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More often than not asthma flare-ups are caused by a ‘trigger’ you have been exposed to. A trigger is anything that can irritate your lungs and bring on symptoms. They can range from being around a certain animal, pollen, cold weather or being around a smoker. Everyone with asthma reacts to different things.

Try thinking about the past few times you experienced symptoms and if they have any correlation. Did you stroke your friend’s cat or dog? Were you outside in the cold or near smoke?

If the trigger isn’t obvious to start with, it may help to make a list of your activities and pinpoint when you started to experience symptoms. Once you have discovered your trigger or triggers, it may be that you can easily avoid these by staying away from pets or smokers.

You can also help to manage your symptoms by making sure you take your preventer medicine every day to reduce the reaction if you are exposed to a trigger you cannot avoid.
Asthma triggers can also include: alcohol, colds and flu, exercise, food, dust, pollution, stress and anxiety, hot or humid weather, thunderstorms and mould or fungus.





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