We all have little things in our lives that could be easier everyday, from opening jars or remembering to take our medications or looking after an injury.

Here are our top everyday products to help make your life easier:

In the Home

From easing your aches and pains in the evening, to a remote control that simplifies finding your favourite show. There are some products that can help make the time you spend at home more enjoyable.

Lavender Wheat Warmer
£14.99 including VAT

Soothe aches and pains with this lavender wheat warmer that provides relief – just where you need it. Available in four designs: Wise Owl, Spotty Grape, Cathy (Floral) and Nelly (Elephant).

Doro HandleEasy 321 RC Universal Remote Control
£19.99 including VAT
£16.66 with VAT relief

When you can’t decide what to watch or listen to, this simple-to-use remote with seven large buttons, makes changing channels and adjusting the volume a breeze. Compatible with all major TV, DVD and stereo brands.

Traditional Handy Reacher
£7.19 including VAT
£5.99 with VAT relief

There’s no need to bend over to pick anything up with this reacher that’s lightweight and simple to use.

Remembering Your Medication


If you take a few different medications a day it can be hard to remember them all, so why not try one of our pill boxes. They have different compartments so you can sort your medication ready for the day or week ahead.

Betterlife Seven Day Pill Box
£2.39 including VAT

Make sure you take the right pills on the right day with this clearly labelled pill box that lets you sort your medication into seven compartments

Smart Pill Box
£7.99 including VAT
£6.66 with VAT relief

With six colour-coded compartments, the Smart Pill Box has been designed to easily and clearly store your medicines. It can also be used alongside the Pill Buddy App (available on Apple and Android) which prompts you to take the right medication at the right time.

If you struggle to take your medicines whole, our pill processor can help you. It can split and crush medicines and has a handy tray so you can store your pills until you’re ready to take them.

Pill Processor*

This handy device has five functions and integrates a pill splitter, pusher and crusher, along with a water cup and a small pill box.

*Not all medication is suitable to be crushed or split. Always seek medical advice from your Pharmacist or GP before crushing or splitting pills.

Help in the Kitchen

The kitchen is a place you might visit often throughout the day, from making yourself a cup of tea or prepping a meal. So why not make your life a little easier? Our two anti-slip openers can make it easier to open tight bottles or jars, so you never have to struggle with a tea towel again.

Anti-slip Bottle Opener
£3.49 including VAT

This ergonomically designed opener grips most bottles so you don’t have to struggle with tight lids.

Anti-slip Jar Opener

Made to help you grip and twist off tight jar lids with ease, this opener is a kitchen drawer essential.

Knob Turner

When it’s trick to turn over knobs, this comfortable handle fits over to give you extra force and is universal in size.

In the Bathroom

We all need to pamper ourselves sometimes, whether you’ve had a long day at work or your skin is just not feeling its best. But moisturising isn’t always easy, especially those difficult to reach places. That’s where our long handled lotion applier comes into play.

Long Handled Lotion Applier
£11.99 including VAT
£9.99 with VAT relief

Use this applicator for everyday moisturising or take to the beach to apply sunscreen easily in those hard-to-reach places.

White Prima Rail
£11.99 including VAT
£9.99 with VAT relief

There’s no need to feel unsteady in the bath. Even with soapy hands, these soft grip mouldings which mount horizontally, vertically or diagonally, are there to keep you balanced.

Sports Injuries

When you’ve injured yourself it can be difficult to let the injury rest while you’re getting on with the rest of your day. That’s why we’ve got our various supports to help you get back in top form.

Avivo Neoprene Wrist Support
£4.99 including VAT
£4.16 with VAT relief

Made from neoprene to help retain body heat and give uniform compression, this support, which fits all sizes accelerates healing, relieves pain and controls swelling

Avivo Pouch Arm Sling
£5.99 including VAT

Suitable for all sizes, adults and children alike can use this sling to keep injured arms supported.

Avivo Neoprene Back Support With Stays
£14.99 including VAT

For supporting and everyday use, this back support gives effective relief from damaged muscles, ligaments and joints.

On the Go

Blue badge Permit Holder
£11.99 including VAT
£9.99 with VAT relief

If you’re a blue badge holder, remembering to have it on you might not always be easy, especially if you’re in a hurry out the door. Our handy blue badge permit holder allows you to store your permit easily, and comes in four eye-catching designs.

Complete with a free timer clock, this compact wallet stores and protects the new style permit. Available in four designs.

RADAR Key for Disabled Toilets
£5.99 including VAT
£4.99 with VAT relief

Don’t get caught short while out at a restaurant or a shopping centre. This key’s designed to open all disabled toilets with RADAR locks.


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