From the first thing in the morning right up till when you go to sleep, Betterlife has thousands of carefully selected products to help you every day. So when you’re looking for practical lifestyle solutions that can really make a difference you can always count on us.

Here are just some of the products on offer that can help make your life easier.

In the morning:

Do you often feel groggy or tired when you wake up in the morning? Why not wake up to our Beurer Wake Up Light. It’s perfect for when winter draws in. In just one hour it provides light therapy and can help hormone balance. It can stimulate both sunrise and sunset, helping you fall asleep and wake up more easily.

If, like many of us, you take your medicines in the morning our Seven Day Pill Box  can help you easily manage your daily medication, with seven compartments clearly labelled with the days of the week.

Meanwhile, breakfast wouldn’t be the same without a nice cup of tea, or coffee if you prefer. But, if you find pouring water out of the kettle difficult making a cuppa becomes more challenging. Why not try our Uccello Power Pour Kettle Tipper.

Day time comforts:

Whether it’s winter, summer, spring or autumn we all need a little comfort. If you find your joints ache more than usual during the colder months, why not try our relaxing Heated Wheat Warmer which can soothe aches and pains away, and provide relief just where you need it.

If your feet need some TLC, try our Massage Therapy Foot Spa. A great way to treat your feet to a relaxing pamper, while also easing any aches and pains away.

Lavender Wheat Warmer
Available in other designs.

Out and about:

Getting outside and enjoying fresh air is enjoyable at any age. Although the weather may not always cooperate, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a gentle stroll. Our Hurrycane Walking Stick is lightweight, height adjustable and suitable for all terrains, from a casual walk to the shop to the countryside.

If you need a little extra stability, our Lightweight Tri-Walker  with push lock brakes can be folder for both indoor and outdoor use, and has a shopping bag, basket and tray. Ideal if you fancy a little retail therapy.

The evening:

A comfy bed is a must for a good night’s sleep, and what better way to get comfortable than an adjustable bed frame that supports your neck, back, hips, knee and head?

Our Alessandra Memory Foam Adjustable Bed  is the ultimate in comfort support. Suppled with a high-quality reflex foam mattress with a memory foam topper, it can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Staying warm is one of the best ways to feel snug and sleep well, and what better way than with our Heated ‘Snuggle’ Cape , made from soft fleece and featuring six temperature settings so you can adjust it to suit.

If you find getting to sleep difficult, our Shining Star Cube can help create a calming environment for sleep by projecting a relaxing night sky scene and playing soothing sounds.

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