10264969_539292339514061_5327853172196240126_nIf you or a family member lives with a condition which makes it difficult to move around outside your home, don’t let it stop you from getting out in the fresh air!

Our experts have put together their top tips to consider to help you keep safe whilst giving you the independence to enjoy the outdoors.


Before you go…

Remember that keeping safe is the key to enjoying the freedom of the outdoors. Everyone is entitled to get out of the house , just let a friend or family member know where you’re heading and when you’re likely to head back.

If you have trouble with memory, or need to give someone that little extra reassurance that you’re okay, check out our new GPS tracker. This clever device uses a SIM card to help your loved one’s locate your exact location via Google maps, and you can alert them with a text message if you need their help.


Extra stability_Q5A7656

If you need help to steady your feet, we have a diverse range of innovative products such as scooters, tri-walkers and wheelchairs to keep you moving.

Our Lightweight Tri-walker comes with a shopping bag which is ideal for giving you stability when you’re nipping to the shops. It’s also very easy to assemble and take down for easy storage.

If it’ power that you’re looking for, the Envoy 8+ scooter could help give you the boost that you’ve been looking for. With its 500W motor, LED light and fully functioning indicators, you can really feel the wind in your hair.

Or, if you’re a beginner and you haven’t had a scooter before, the easy-to-use and comfortable Style Plus could be the one for you.


_Q5A7191Public places

­Meeting up with friends at the local shops or down the Bingo hall with the girls is a great way to socialise and really motivate you to get out and about. It can also be just as fun to spend time alone but we suggest you visit public places to ensure that you’re in safe hands if you require a little help.

Late nights

If you’re a night owl we have a walking stick that is sure to keep you on your feet. This walking stick comes with a built in LED light and an alarm which sounds out loud to keep you extra safe and alert someone that you require a helping hand.


These products are available online and in many of our LloydsPharmacy stores. Why not test drive scooters and wheelchairs on the track at our Betterlife stores, located in Leeds, Castle Vale and Wells Green.