As we grow older, we are continually on the search for innovative solutions to help ensure that we have a healthier independent life for longer. Driven by an ageing population the demand is ever growing, this is supported by technological advances that have helped the development of specialist independent living products to enable people to continue to live a fulfilling life as they age.

Here are five simple but effective solutions to help you or your loved ones retain their independence and support you with everyday tasks.


DORO PhoneEasy mobile – one touch memory keys mean you can call family and friends with the touch of one button, and separated keys and large characters make texting and calling that bit easier.


Blood pressure monitor – if you need to regularly take your blood pressure reading, do so in the comfort of your own home and get accurate results with convenience; the portable blood pressure monitor is fully automatic and simple to use.


Kettle tipper – for some people, pouring hot water when making a brew can prove to be a tricky task, especially if you experience weakness of the arms or unsteadiness. The kettle tipper has been designed to take the weight of the kettle making it safe and steady to lift and pour


GPS tracker – designed to help give carers and relatives peace of mind, find out your loved one’s exact location simply by texting the tracker, which is fitted with a SIM card. The device will reply by SMS, pinpointing their location via Google maps.


Revitive IX – no matter your age, good health and an active lifestyle require great circulation. Poor circulation can be more common in older age, chronic illness or disability; this drug-free medical device uses electrical muscle stimulation to promote circulation in the legs and feet.

Our range of Betterlife products are available online and in over 1,200 of  LloydsPharmacy stores.

We also have stores across England that have been designed with your usability and comfort in mind. The products have been set in in different rooms around the house which allow you to test our products before purchasing. This includes a multi-surface test track for mobility scooters and wheelchairs., as well as beds and chairs for you to try out.