As we grow older, we don’t want to lose our independence and freedom, and you shouldn’t have to.

There are many options out there, from small lifestyle changes you could try to products that might help.

Here are five of our top products that can help you retain an independent life.

DORO PhoneEasy 110 Cordless Phone – This phone comes in a stylish white colour and is geared towards users of any age or ability. Large, talking number keys make calls easier and with industry leading Doro TrueSound, you get a crisp clear sound to make talking to your loved ones a breeze.

Deluxe Switch Sticks Folding Walking Stick – If you need a bit of support when you’re out and about this walking stick would be perfect for you. It helps provide stability, is made from aluminium and can support a user weight of up to 264lbs while retaining a light weight for carrying. It also features a comfortable grip and a wrist strap for additional safety and comes in a range of colours so you can find one that matches your style.

Ucello Power Pour Kettle tipper – for some people, pouring hot water when making a brew can prove to be a tricky task, especially if you experience weakness of the arms or unsteadiness. The power pour kettle tipper has a non-weight bearing ’tilt and pour’ action that directs hot water into your cup, without the need to remove the kettle from it’s cradle delivering hot water safely and steadily.

Revitive IX – no matter your age, good health and an active lifestyle require great circulation. Poor circulation can be more common in older age, chronic illness or disability; this drug-free medical device uses electrical muscle stimulation to promote circulation in the legs and feet.

GPS tracker – designed to help give carers and relatives peace of mind, find out your loved one’s exact location simply by texting the tracker, which is fitted with a SIM card. The device will reply by SMS, pinpointing their location via Google maps.