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Miracle Tan Self Tanning Spray 75ml

New to the UK, this innovative, instant spray tan lasts up to 3 days and the bronzing pigments do not stain clothing. Contains anti-aging hyaluronic acid moisturising ingredients.

Aveeno yog

Aveeno Daily Moisturiser Vanilla & Oat Body Yogurt 200ml

The vanilla and oat scented rich, creamy formula revitalises dry skin and intensely moisturises for 48 hours. The lotion absorbs quickly with a non-greasy feel leaving skin feel velvety soft and healthy looking.

Mt oerfect facial

My Perfect Facial – 5 piece set for 5 treatments

A non-surgical facelift with visible results after just one treatment. Mix and apply the product to your face and neck to firm, lift and tone the skin. The formula also removes dead skin cells to leave your skin feeling and looking brighter. Stimulates and exercises the facial muscles to lift, tone, remove dead skin cells and firm the skin. Try it out!

P20 Continuous Spray SPF30small

Riemann P20 Continuous Spray SPF20 or 30

New to the P20 range, the new bottle allows for continuous spray from multiple angles and will deliver up to 10 hours of protection. It’s quick drying and free from fragrance, parabens and preservatives. It’s also clinically proven to be very water resistant. Available in SPF20 and SPF30.